Forum Thread: How Do You Enable Posts to Work?

When I try to post in box like the one for the forums for my personal post it doesn't work its just a grey box instead white.

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Go to the homepage of the World you would like to post to, and click either the "How-To", "Inspiration", or "Forum" button in the submit bar to submit to the specific section that matches your content. It's almost the same process you went through to start this forum thread.

Oh okay thanks for the insight. I can't believe it was that easy I've been trying to figure this out for sometime but finally gave up today and decided to ask how it works. I'm a do-it-yourself type person and today I failed epically never thought I would be asking how to post an article lol. I'm use to being the person on the other receiving end (i.e. answering questions for others who need help with something) but it felt good though to know that others can help me too.

Thanks, for your support!

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