News: Welcome to the WonderHowTo Network

Welcome to the WonderHowTo Network

You might notice that there's been a few changes around here.

All of us here at WonderHowTo have been working hard to create fun new spaces and topic areas to dig our heels into. We've created a few brand new websites, spiffied up our design, and today we're launching the WonderHowTo network.

This isn't just a redesign—three new websites are joining WonderHowTo today: Gadget Hacks, and Next Reality.

The WonderHowTo homepage will stay the same—it's the best place to find great content from all of our sites. To follow each of our new sites, bookmark the links below and follow us on social media.

The Gadget Hacks brand you know and love is still here on WonderHowTo, it's just grown up a little. The new Gadget Hacks is going to focus on phones, such as the latest and greatest hardware and software, and we'll do our best to help you find the best phone for you, learn how to use it, and trick it out.

You'll find your Apple Hacks and Android Hacks there, too, where you can still find all the latest features, rumors, and how-tos about your favorite smartphone ecosystem:

You may have hung out a bit on our site NextReality in the last few months. NextReality covers everything from HoloLens, Magic Leap, and mixed reality, to smartglasses, the latest mobile augmented reality implementations, and Pokémon GO. Check it out to see who is winning and losing in the mixed reality world, and to learn how to dive in yourself—as a developer, investor, or just a customer.

NextReality has gotten a nice redesign, so make sure to take a look:

For the time being some sections are staying put:

The forum and comment editors have gotten a refresh as well, so take a look over at our new guide on using the site and let us know what you think in the comments below.

As the WonderHowTo Network continues to grow, we'll keep developing new coverage areas—what topics should we jump on next?

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Please add a filter to the search bar, sometimes I want to see only articles from one site but the search result comes all mixed. Thanks!

Thanks Diego! We've updated search to make it site-specific and we'll continue to make improvements.

Do you guys have a daily email digest or something like that?

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