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Forum Thread: How to Learn Shaolin Martial Arts the Proper Way

My name is Douwe ter Horst and i live in Zutphen in the Netherlands. Since i was a child i was always fascinated about Chinese martial arts. Movies about Kung Fu with actors like: Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen and other drawed me into the practising of CMA Chinese martial arts. After having trained in multiple styles i ended up with Shaolin Temple Kungfu which became my main martial art.

Forum Thread: Bearing Stuck on Skateboard Trucks

It's been about 6 months since changing bearings on my board. 3 wheels came off normally 4th wheel I finally got free after destroying the bearings. After fighting the wheel for some time I'm left with the inner ring of the bearing seized onto the trucks. Tried WD40 and pliers. Any other ideas? P.s living in Honolulu lots of salty air and rain makes lots of rust.

Forum Thread: What improvements do you want to see on WonderHowTo?

WonderHowTo is always growing, and changing, and we're continually looking for better ways to serve your needs. What sort of features and improvements would you like to see on WonderHowTo? It can be something as simple as "I want easier ways to connect to Facebook" or more complicated, like "I want the profile page to look like THIS". We really value your feedback, and here's a great place to be heard!

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