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Forum Thread: Water Heater Replacement Symptoms

It's no surprise that a hot water heater will require replacement at some point down the road in ones property, but what exactly are the best ways for someone to realize when that time is getting nearer? It is definitely better to plan for that expense beforehand, without a doubt. London Elite Trades, based in London and serving the surrounding area, advises enabling us to come and complete an annual assessment of one's water heating system, to be sure one is getting as much as possible from ...

Forum Thread: Best Ways to Use Coupons to Save Money While Shopping Online

Coupons have grown a huge popularity in the online shopping ground among the customers. The online stores have a product code to enter during the checkout time that offers some discount which makes the total purchase amount reduce to some extent. Hence, many people eagerly look out for coupon codes for the displayed products so that they can grab them at a lesser price. Let us make you aware of how to apply the coupons while shopping in order to save your money.

Forum Thread: World Background

Hello, I have few suggestions to make  1) Users should also be allowed to change the background image of their world as they are allowed to do with the header part. This feature will allow world admins to make their world look more visually appealing. :)

Forum Thread: What improvements do you want to see on WonderHowTo?

WonderHowTo is always growing, and changing, and we're continually looking for better ways to serve your needs. What sort of features and improvements would you like to see on WonderHowTo? It can be something as simple as "I want easier ways to connect to Facebook" or more complicated, like "I want the profile page to look like THIS". We really value your feedback, and here's a great place to be heard!

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