Forum Thread: Bug Report/Feature Request for the New WonderHowTo Site

We've been hard at work getting all of the bugs out of the new design here on WonderHowTo, but we may not catch them all ourselves. If you see a bug or glitch, let us know here. If you have a recommendation, question, or feature request, you can also post them here.

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Is it possible to stop getting notifications about how to use the new redesign - i.e., info about kudos and credits, every time I log in?

They won't show up again once you've dismissed them... unless you clear your cookies.

I'm having trouble getting the inline article images to show up properly as I read various How-To's. It's like there's a placeholder for the photo/graphic, but the photo itself is shifted about 2/3 of the way to the left, and I can only see the right-1/3 of it displayed in the left-1/3 of the image placeholder/frame.

Anyone else reporting this?

I'm using Chrome 29.0.1547.66m on Windows 7. I guess I'll try clearing cache or maybe restarting Windows.

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