News: MAME Arcade cabinet+

MAME Arcade cabinet+

MAME Arcade cabinet+

MAME/SNES/GENESIS/NES/+ Arcade style 2 player cabinet.


  • USB and headphone port at bottom of screen
  • All PC components behind monitor so bottom is free for storage (toybox for my kid)
  • 19" LCD Monitor
  • Hidden power switch on top of unit
  • Network connected
  • Software is modified remotely via TightVNC
  • Designed in SolidWorks, cut out of 2 sheets of 3/4" Melamine on CNC router.

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where did you get the buttons and joysticks?

Thanks guys, I got the buttons, joysticks, and blue T-molding from (about $65) the miniPac w/ wire harness interface for connecting the buttons and joysticks to the PC was from (about $65). The rest was from the hardware store (about $80) plus a PC and monitor.

I'm looking to build a cabinet for my girls...The guys at work use Solidworks and could send through the cuts to our CNC Rovers...would consider making the files available?

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