Update: Process for Submitting Videos to WonderHowTo Has Changed

WonderHowTo is changing the way you submit how-to videos, so if you've submitted videos in the past, or planned on submitting, please read.

In an effort to improve the how-to video submission process, WonderHowTo is now allowing video creators to submit their videos using the standard how-to article editor. This brings the following benefits:

  1. This gives you the ability to include a rich description along with your submission, including links to resources, images, or even several sequential videos in a single submission.
  2. The review process for your submissions is more transparent. It will be voted on by the community along with all the articles, allowing you to get feedback from your peers.
  3. You will be notified via email the moment your how-to is approved & published on the site.
  4. If your submission is rejected, you will receive an email explaining why along with feedback from your peers. See the submission guidelines for the most common reasons for rejection.
  5. You will be notified when someone comments on your how-to, allowing you to respond to and interact directly with your audience.

Click here to see the full details for the video submission process and see how it's done.


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