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You either love it or leave it, Microsoft Office is still one of the best programs available in the market. Microsoft office is made up of some of the best applications which will in one way or the other enhance the office performance.

These applications includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, MSOneNote, Ms Publisher, MS forms among many more programs.

Having all the needed skills in a certain field gives you the credit to get that specific role but the reality of the matter is that having skills in Microsoft Office can add more appeal to your resume.

5 Tips to properly use Microsoft Office
Following five tips will help you understand how to use Microsoft Office in a proper way.

1. Utilize the shortcuts

There are several shortcuts that you should bear in mind when you are using each and every MS application. When you are using Microsoft Outlook, you should learn Outlook's Keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+R: Replay to Emails, Alt+R: Switch to the work week calendar view, Alt+W: Forward Email, Alt+S: Send Emails, Ctrl+G, ''Go to the Date'' dialog and many more. When you are using Microsoft Word, you should ensure you are familiar with all the shortcuts such as Ctrl+S: Save, Ctrl+B: Bold, Ctrl+A: Mark all and much more.

2. Take Advantage of the Quick Steps

If you are using MS Outlook, there are quick steps that will really help you in this motion. They are usually any shortcuts to any multi-step action that you make. Some of them includes moving emails to a specific folder or even forwarding the email among many others.

3. Bullets and Numbering

When you are making a list of items, you can choose from several bullets and numbering systems. You should choose a series of text and click on the corresponding buttons in the formatting toolbar.

4. Learn all of the basics

Ensure that you are versed with all the terms used on Microsoft Office such as Paste, Copy, Ribbon, Review, Print, Open and many more.

You have memorize it, but don't worry with time it will be on your finger tips.

5. Understand the difference between some of the menus

There are some menus in the Microsoft Office that have a different meaning but could be confusing. Some of them include Format and editing. The two commands may seem the same but the reality of the matter is that they have two different meaning. In absolute terms, the format menu goes far beyond the Edit Menu. What this mean is that you can make changes by changing the look of the text itself.

Final Words!

I hope after reading my article you have understood the whole process easily. Here I am also providing you the full version of Microsoft Office 2007 for free download so you can also implement the techniques right away if you don't have Office or can't afford it.

Hope it helps and don't forget to share!

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