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How to Take Your Business Global

The international market is huge for every single industry out there. If you are a small business just starting out or a local enterprise that wants to expand all across the globe, there are definitely some important aspects you should take into account. The global market is a very competitive arena. New companies are opening and entering the market on a daily basis. A Forbes article states that 543.000 new businesses get started each month. That's a crazy number especially if we consider the fact that the majority of them will want to go global sooner than later. So, it's safe to say there are a few major steps you should take before you are completely ready to go conquer the world with your business.

Do Your Research and Do It Well

Obviously, you can't go global without knowing if your product or service will actually sell in that country/region. A big portion of your time should be dedicated to doing your market research globally. See what people out there want, how many of them want what you're offering, how many competitors you will have to fight and so on and so forth. Market research is crucial not only to take your business global. That's only one of the many reasons to do it. Market research is a necessity to start your business in the first place, so you should never neglect it, especially for a bigger picture like the international market.

Design a Long-Term Marketing Strategy

This isn't only for small businesses. Crafting a well-planned strategy is an essential for every business that wants to succeed in the saturated markets of today's industries. Many companies fail to understand it and only plan short-term. This defeats the purpose of taking your business on a gigantic field of the global market. Another thing you should probably pay more attention to is the importance of localizing that plan of yours to the specific market you're taking it to. For example, if it's Singapore you're taking on, optimize your marketing plan to the Singaporean consumer's needs and activities. Just like traveling to a country where you adapt to the culture, you should adapt to the market, too. So, if back in your local market your target audience was mainly, let's say, on Instagram, and your new target audience is a Facebook lover, maybe you should think about changing up your strategy a little bit to adapt to the Facebook-centered audience of your targeted market. Just make sure to dedicate enough time and effort into planning out that strategy to fit their needs for the long run.

Speak Their Language

Literally and figuratively. You don't have to be fluent in the language of the market you're entering. But there are a few things you should keep in mind. Like translating your website into that language through professional translating services. You don't have to turn your website into a Wikipedia page with almost all the languages out there. But some of the more widespread languages would definitely earn you a point or two in the eyes of the new consumers. So you might want to give it a try. English isn't enough anymore for business, even though the majority of the world does understand it.

Before you just decide that you want to take your company worldwide out of blue, ask yourself some questions. Are you sure your company needs it? Have you done your research about the marketing you are trying to enter? Do you know your exact target group and how to find it in the new market? Have you done all the preparations?

Before you decide to just go for it, do you know who your competitors are and how you are going to stand your ground on a foreign soil? And once you're in, what are your steps going to be?

Only after you give answers to these questions can you consider yourself fully ready to take on the new global market. Going big is a step that can either turn out to be a success or a failure, so before you jump, make sure your rope is not going to tear apart.

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