Forum Thread: How to Solve Your PC's Speed Problems

Whether you're using your PC mainly for research, web browsing, or gaming, you're likely to have one of those days when your computer is simply too slow. Now before you throw anything at your computer screen because of the PC's slow speed, try these things first and see if they do the trick:

1. Power-off the Computer

Sometimes, the "turn it off then turn it on again" solution actually works. Do you recall doing this with your TV or with your favorite toy when you were young? It turns out that even computers could benefit from a little shut down time. Turning the PC off allows it to refresh and start anew when you power the PC again.

2. Check Your PC's Security

A reliable antivirus program helps a lot in protecting your PC, especially if you're the kind of computer user who spends a lot of time browsing on the web or playing games online. Malware and viruses are everywhere and without antivirus, your PC is prone to slowing down.

3. Take a Closer Look at Your Background Programs

Do you really need five applications and programs automatically starting up as soon as you power your PC? Take a look at all your programs and see which ones you really need and as for those which aren't of huge importance, tweak the settings a little to disable some unnecessary programs.

4. Clear Cache and Browser Data

Your web browser and computer will benefit from a little cleanup so do them a favor and give them a detox by deleting cache which are retained in the local memory and is also another cause for a slow PC.

5. Check for Software Updates

If you're getting prompts and notifications that it's time for a software update, by all means, enable the update. One common misunderstanding people have with OS and software updates is that these things take up much space and cause the PC to function much slower but that's not true. Updates contain useful patches that address errors, bugs, and even glitches in performance and speed.

If these suggestions still don't do the trick, don't give up on your PC just yet. Nimble Nerds' mobile computer repair experts will be able to help you out.

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