Forum Thread: How to Seal a Granite Floor

Sealing a floor keeps it protected against stains and damage. If you can follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully, it is a job that you can do yourself.

Step One

Choose the right sealant for your granite floor. Carefully check for best application conditions. Extreme heat, cold or humidity can interfere with proper curing. Before starting, get everything off the space, clean and dry it very well.

Step Two

Open the windows for ventilation. Work on one quarter of the room at a time. Using a painting brush, apply sealant around the edges before using a roller brush on the rest of the section. Keep the edges wet as you work and also overlap the previous edge for a finished look that is inform and well-blended.

Step Three

Check for the right drying time in the instructions. Also check whether a second coat is needed. If so, apply it for durable results but only after the first coat dries completely. Some sealants need several days to cure.

A beautiful, durable granite floor

Every sealer has its lifespan but they all protect floors for a long time. Some also add gloss and colour. See the best way to seal your granite floors at and get the job done with confidence.

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