Forum Thread: How to Prepare Your Greenhouse for the Arrival of Spring

The best time to clean your greenhouse for spring is winter. Well, aside from the fact that winter is the season that comes before spring and that you're left really with no other option, winter is great because it's likely that your greenhouse serves as a storage area for a few tools and that means it's actually easy to declutter and get to the cleaning part. Keeping your greenhouse clean is also important because if it's left unclean and poorly maintained, the greenhouse can easily become a breeding ground for pests, bacteria, molds, and algae.

1. Decide When You'll Clean It

The first thing you need to consider is the day when you'll actually clean. It's hard to get moving in the winter and most homeowners would prefer staying warm and cozy inside the house but the task of cleaning your greenhouse must be done whether you like it or not. Set the date and make that determination to start cleaning!

2. Declutter

If your greenhouse is already empty at the start of winter then you can skip this step. But if during the cold months you have been piling up tool after tool and planter after planter inside the greenhouse, then you'll have to take all those stuffs out before you can actually start cleaning.

3. Take Cleaning Seriously

That means washing all recyclable tools and supplies, soaking planters and pots in soap water and rinsing them thoroughly before they're used again, and also cleaning containers where you'll once again be planting when spring starts.

4. Don't Forget the Glass

The glass of your greenhouse needs to be cleaned thoroughly. It's better if you can do another round of cleaning and scrubbing after the first round to really make sure that there's no mildew in the glass.

5. Change Your Soil

This doesn't mean totally getting rid of the compost you already have. If you can partially renew the compost, then do so. This helps in making sure that the plants will grow well in the spring.

Keeping a greenhouse takes a lot of work. Same goes for plastic sheds and other garden structures. To know more, visit Greenhouse Stores.

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