Forum Thread: How to Get First 1000 Instagram Followers ?

Instagram has revealed it now has 500 million users daily and 800 million engaging users at least on a monthly basis. Instagram also shared it now has 2 million advertisers on the platform, which is up from 1 million in March, and most of the growth comes from small- and medium-sized businesses, according to TechCrunch. If you are promoting your brand or build your community on Instagram, it's important to select a right strategy for growing your followers base.

Step 1: Download and Install Combin Tool

Combin is an organic Instagram growing tool, it doesn't artificially drive up the number of likes, comments and followers.

The growth of the account managed through Combin, depends on the frequency and quality of the account's owner interaction with the rightly targeted audience. Get Combin and install it on your Mac, PC and Linux.

Step 2: Perform Searches by Hashtag, by Hashtag+Location

Find the popular hashtags of your competitors and create Searches with them in Combin. Pile up the most relevant to your Instagram account's content hashtags and usernames of Instagram accounts that produce content that is related to what you do.

Step 3: Perform Searches by Followers and Commenters

Find the followers and influencers of your competitors or similar to your account.

Click the Add Search button and pick User search. Here you can specify the number of profiles of specific Instagram accounts or by their commenters.

Sort and filter the search results to engage with the most popular accounts first, exclude private accounts and people you already follow.

Step 4: Follow, Like and Comment Posts of Found Profiles

You can simply like last publications of accounts and posts you found through search, use comment templates to save comments you may use again and to leave multiple comments contaning different text in batch. All those actions will increase the number of your followers.

Step 5: Add Important Instagram Accounts to Safe List

You need to do it in order to protect from unfollowing them by mistake during mass unfollowing tasks.

Step 6: Unfollow Profiles Who Don't Follow You Back

Perform mass unfollowing for the accounts who didn't follow you back. It will help to maintain your healthy Followers/Followings ratio.

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