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Many baskets and picnic accessories can include not just tableware and linens, but also can include accessories such as easily packed up condiment containers for salt-and-pepper, mustard and ketchup, or your favorite horseradish sauce. It's all according to what you like to eat and drink as to the type of picnic baskets you might be looking for. Most of the time, you'll find that they have tableware and glassware holders so that you don't have to worry about breakage as you're packing your picnic basket. Others, are going to give you the opportunity to purchase plastic ware for your picnicking experience. Anyway you look at it, having a picnic basket that is fully organized can make your picnic experience easier and quicker.

With the same idea of convenience with a little bit more modernity added up, you can find polyester models that are light and tough against the elements. Furthermore, most of these models feature interior pockets with insulated fabric to keep your food cool. These models most likely come with adjustable straps and are very soft to the touch so they would dig against you like a wooden model. The pockets are usually held by Velcro, so they are much more secure to hold objects than a wood option. For larger models, you can also find units with wheels to pull. This can be very practical for a large family or group to take the weight off your body.

Different Types of Picnic Baskets:

Classic Baskets: Classic Style outdoor baskets are still seen in the market. These are usually made from wicker and willow and contain a single large storage space. They also feature a handle and flaps that open at both ends on the top. These baskets can be used to transport food and liquid at a relatively short distance as they do not have the facility of temperature control. In the more advanced wicker picnic baskets like the English style hampers, there are clips on the inside to hold plates, utensils and a picnic cloth.

Picnic Totes: These are another basic type of carrier which essentially serves the same purpose as a traditional picnic basket. But it looks more like a backpack. There are multiple clips and sleeves for a variety of flatware, napkins, cloths and plates. Totes have space on the sides to hold bottles of wine or juice. These bags are easy to carry even over a long distance as the weight is much better distributed. They are also well padded to help protect the food from damage during transportation.

Also, you'll need to decide whether you want plastic tableware, or are going to go ahead and use a nice set of glass or ceramic kitchenware. This will decide the type of basket you choose. A backpack may be difficult to keep glassware safe, so you might want a basket or some sort of organizing rigid material for that type of supplies. If you're using plastic ware or paper ware, a picnic backpack can work very well. In fact, one person can carry the picnic accessories, and the other can have a backpack full of food for those hiking picnics.

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